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About Us

Welcome to DikokoTech. We offer big data solutions. Our services include predictive analytics, cloud-computing and custom software development.

Our Story

We are an analytics consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company is 100% black-owned. We believe in working hard and embracing relationships, even with our clients.


We are committed to using the latest technology and research to build cutting-edge software and data solutions.



What we do

We work in a diverse set of industries including health, finance, sports, telecommunications, manufacturing and agriculture.

How we work

We believe in a step by step interactive process of development for rapid product delivery. We work with what the client has, it can be from no data warehoused to big data.


In depth research to have better understanding about product requirements.


To come up with realistic, concise plan through interactive processes between client and developers.

Development & Modelling

Development of software product or machine learning model. This process may include tests
depending on the deliverables.


Delivery of a complete working product with finished requirements.


Technologies we use


Meet The Founders


Boitumelo Dikoko

Boitumelo has an engineering background. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics (UCT) and is in the process of completing his Masters in Electrical Engineering (UCT). He has worked for numerous organisations as a Software Developer and Engineer. To fulfil his passion for teaching, he spends his free time teaching programming to children in school.

Viwe Dikoko

Viwe is an economist by training. She holds a Masters Degree in Development Economics from UCT. In her dissertation year, she joined the UCT Data Science Masters programme. Her interests lie in the integration of socioeconomic development with data science. She has worked as a Data Analyst for various organisations and is involved with multiple NGOs. 


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